Pakalolo Break Beats Vol 1 by staticman- 90s lofi by rudefunk Breaks

Should I repress Pakalolo VOl 1? I created this record in Hawaii 1997 Then in 1999 in Los Angeles I Mastered Pakalolo vol 1and 2 with Y-mix a Capital Records record engineer that left Capital but was able to acquire his room’s equipment since capital records mastering was downsizing. I drove to San Fernando valley met Y- mix at his house with the vintage vinyl cutter old ass but clean tape machine and tube mastering equipment was in his garage. For this track, I had to time the eq cut of the bass it was to heavy for a record groove he knew it would make the needle jump while playing. While the lacquer was being cut I was able to pull it off by hand. At first, he was going to record it to 1/2″ tape then cut to lacquer I didn’t want to lose what I had in Noise. I produced this super minimal with a Roland w30 & EPs 16+ borrowed from Capital J & DJ Daniel Js Tascam mixer preamp. I dumped to 1/2″ 8 track tape 4 left 4 right then to a dat monitor output 2 -1500w double 18″ cabs loud as fuck on Mott-Smith drive that Summer 97′

Team Tropic COMING THROUGH THE STORM-2000 Samoan Hardcore Rap

Team Tropic -Coming Through The Storm-incomplete Team Tropic was a Samoan and Hawaiian member Polynesian rap group recorded at Bomb Shelter Studios in Los Angeles. 13 songs were recorded Team Tropic Rappers and Producers BIG TYME MATE EVANS CJ AKA LAST WORDS CHIEF SON MATE KIP AKA KSTUD TRANZ DA HAWAIIAN (RIP) PRODUCERS on different tracks: CESAR, TRANZ,PHIL, VLUV I first put them online in late 2000 I was actively trying to get them a development deal at the time it was very difficult there was a shockwave of labels closing or merging. Im listing more tracks subscribe to say up to date.


20 MC -Hi State -Homegrown Massive Underground Hip Hop recording from 808 Hawaii 1997

This is an underground 20 MC song recorded in 1997 Honolulu, Hawaii produced by Danny 1 From a tape titled Freestilion Project 97. This Freestilion tape was given to me by the second on it MC Tranz (Wayne Medeiros) RIP. I was around for some of the sessions of this tape and I would often get dubs and played some of the tracks on the Late Night Listening party on Radio Free Hawaii. At the time I was a very active DJ I had an open mic policy and recorded with the 1st MC on the track ONS, also MC Tranz RIP, Surundi RIP, and many of the island MC’s. This Freestilion tape I’ve had unknowingly for 23 years here in Los Angeles with many other recordings I’ve stored away. Recently Buzz 1 of Homegrown Massive DM asked me if I had any recordings. I had no idea. A few days later in my huge storage among thousands of records, cds, tapes, and cassettes all in bins this one cassette tape appeared out of nowhere. I posted a snippet on IG and to my surprise, I had no idea there were possible no copies floating around. I’m so glad I can share it with Buzz 1 he mentioned helping me get an MC list together! I will be updating this post and uploading the other tracks soon I’m remastering and fixing audio quality the best I can. This recording and many others are part of the history of Hip Hop in Hawaii. The Hip Hop seed was planted many years ago in Hawaii I’m glad I found an important part of it to share with you. This was uploaded 4-14-2021 PUFF PUFF PASS IT ON IG- @dj_static_man — MY POINT OF VIEW 70s 80s Hip Hop music on Oahu— In a very small way I spent years contributing to music starting in the mid-80s DJn in Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Halawa, Hickam, Pearl Harbor, Wahiawa later all over Honolulu/Waikiki until the late 90s. I witnessed the growth of music especially Hip Hop in Hawaii illest MCs, most active Djs, Dancers, and some of the most influential graffiti artists in the world. So from the mid-70s Hip Hop started to grow mostly from the Military, Waikiki discos, and a few record stores especially Choice Cuts and Jelly’s. Tape, cassettes, and records were the seeds from NYC, the Bronx, LA, and Oakland. Recordings sent through the mail to young military, later travelers bringing party tapes on vacation and radio recordings passed around. Mid 70s Military clubs not far from Waikiki had Disco, Funk, Rock and Hip Hop. In the later 80s MTV the Box, BET was mainstream on the islands if you had cable tv, a beta tape or VHS it was very influential.


Staticman – micro beats ep – 2001

These Tracks are part of selection used in various LA skate videos, Yearly Hooters calendar girl videos . Made these a while back 2001.

staticman -micro beats ep

0:00-2:37  1- heart
2:40-5:33  2- follow me
5:33- 5:58 3- follow me init
5:59-7:05  4- still breathing
7:06-9:52  5- rumbling
9:53-12:17 6- street shijt


Staticman returns from 1999


I made this in 99  a time when  computers were still lowfi with tons of limitations and i stopped using samplers this was all onscreen edited and a few midi controllers.   tracks were used in a few commercials and vids.

















Re-issue Pakalolo Battle Breaks 1999

We Release Pakalolo Battle Breaks in 1999 only on Vinyl in two volumes  Volume 1 Static Breaks and Volume 2 Tranz  . Allot has happened in the years   when we first released the breakbeats  there was a great buzz in the early days of the internet 99′ . we took to a indie  distribution and release 2000 copies 1800 of them were stolen by the company that was sold at the time with no way to get the records back. We  shelved the project and had to move on. With Records being collectable We noticed them popping up online in the recent year for as much as $30 bucks for a set as they were sold as a pair.

This also a very sad dedication to my buddy and close friend OG Hawaii producer & MC  WAYNE “TRANZ”  BRUCE MEDEIROS JR., 36,  died Jan. 1, 2009

&  MC  “Surundi” also RIP earlier share a tracked called “Distractions” on side B of Volume 2 Tranz pakalolo breaks. Tranz full length lp is self titled Tranz pakalolo braks volume 2

Pakalolo Breaks volume 1 Static-man

Pakalolo Breaks Volume 2 Tranz

Pressing will be on black vinyl

1999 pressings were on green vinyl.

Listening Party June 1996 Now on Sound Cloud !

This is a Part of a 3 hour Show From Radio free Hawaii 102.7 in June of 1996. Back then i knew it would be a special thing to record some of these shows. Now 15 years later i have a 24hours of shows streaming live on unedited and some embarrassing But no regrets it captured a time of youth and being care free! there are tons of Old radio free Hawaii commercials and radio ids from Norm, Lips, Shawn speedy  Lopez, Just Kai, Kathy with a K, to name a few. I had allot of great guest and Djs and special guest Dj XL, Buzz one, One Night Stan, Tassho, Asia one, Min one,  Sweepy , Jason Brink, D, Nat King Soul, Jamal  Kilowatts The Mongoose  and  more! the Shows were Live from waipahu every saturday 12am-2am from for a year and a half.



Radio free Hawaii 102.7 fm Late night Listening party rebrodcast! from 1995-1997

The lost tapes The late Night listening party went live on Radio free Hawaii 102.7fm in late 1995 with me Dj-Static-man.

I recently in feb 2011 got very ill with heart problems and while in recovery i started going through all my recordings and uncovered a dozen dats and a few cassettes  of the old shows! good times  with a ground breaking late night radio show with amazing music and djs in a time where underground hip hop had no airplay in Hawaii. We were djn in coffee shops and parks and even a few large venue thanks to me and golden voice legendary shows like Run Dmc, the Nonce, the Roots, the Pharcyde, Wu tang clan,  Hoomanakas, VM, Hi state, to name a few.

I’m going through and logging all djs and special guest Dj XL, Buzz one, One Night Stan, Tassho, Asia one, Min one, Sweepy , Jason Brink, D, Nat King Soul, Jamal  Kilowatts The Mongoose  and  more! over 20 hours now playing on shoutcast in your itunes, winmp windows media or click the quick link bellow.










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