20 MC -Hi State -Homegrown Massive Underground Hip Hop recording from 808 Hawaii 1997

This is an underground 20 MC song recorded in 1997 Honolulu, Hawaii produced by Danny 1 From a tape titled Freestilion Project 97. This Freestilion tape was given to me by the second on it MC Tranz (Wayne Medeiros) RIP. I was around for some of the sessions of this tape and I would often get dubs and played some of the tracks on the Late Night Listening party on Radio Free Hawaii. At the time I was a very active DJ I had an open mic policy and recorded with the 1st MC on the track ONS, also MC Tranz RIP, Surundi RIP, and many of the island MC’s. This Freestilion tape I’ve had unknowingly for 23 years here in Los Angeles with many other recordings I’ve stored away. Recently Buzz 1 of Homegrown Massive DM asked me if I had any recordings. I had no idea. A few days later in my huge storage among thousands of records, cds, tapes, and cassettes all in bins this one cassette tape appeared out of nowhere. I posted a snippet on IG and to my surprise, I had no idea there were possible no copies floating around. I’m so glad I can share it with Buzz 1 he mentioned helping me get an MC list together! I will be updating this post and uploading the other tracks soon I’m remastering and fixing audio quality the best I can. This recording and many others are part of the history of Hip Hop in Hawaii. The Hip Hop seed was planted many years ago in Hawaii I’m glad I found an important part of it to share with you. This was uploaded 4-14-2021 PUFF PUFF PASS IT ON IG- @dj_static_man — MY POINT OF VIEW 70s 80s Hip Hop music on Oahu— In a very small way I spent years contributing to music starting in the mid-80s DJn in Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Halawa, Hickam, Pearl Harbor, Wahiawa later all over Honolulu/Waikiki until the late 90s. I witnessed the growth of music especially Hip Hop in Hawaii illest MCs, most active Djs, Dancers, and some of the most influential graffiti artists in the world. So from the mid-70s Hip Hop started to grow mostly from the Military, Waikiki discos, and a few record stores especially Choice Cuts and Jelly’s. Tape, cassettes, and records were the seeds from NYC, the Bronx, LA, and Oakland. Recordings sent through the mail to young military, later travelers bringing party tapes on vacation and radio recordings passed around. Mid 70s Military clubs not far from Waikiki had Disco, Funk, Rock and Hip Hop. In the later 80s MTV the Box, BET was mainstream on the islands if you had cable tv, a beta tape or VHS it was very influential.