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Pakalolo Break Beats Vol 1 by staticman- 90s lofi by rudefunk Breaks

Should I repress Pakalolo VOl 1? I created this record in Hawaii 1997 Then in 1999 in Los Angeles I Mastered Pakalolo vol 1and 2 with Y-mix a Capital Records record engineer that left Capital but was able to acquire his room’s equipment since capital records mastering was downsizing. I drove to San Fernando valley met Y- mix at his house with the vintage vinyl cutter old ass but clean tape machine and tube mastering equipment was in his garage. For this track, I had to time the eq cut of the bass it was to heavy for a record groove he knew it would make the needle jump while playing. While the lacquer was being cut I was able to pull it off by hand. At first, he was going to record it to 1/2″ tape then cut to lacquer I didn’t want to lose what I had in Noise. I produced this super minimal with a Roland w30 & EPs 16+ borrowed from Capital J & DJ Daniel Js Tascam mixer preamp. I dumped to 1/2″ 8 track tape 4 left 4 right then to a dat monitor output 2 -1500w double 18″ cabs loud as fuck on Mott-Smith drive that Summer 97′